Greetings from TM Babushkiny Noski (Grandma's Socks)

Are you in hosiery business and produce or sell wool socks?

We offer cooperation.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Rasskazovo, Tambov Oblast, which is a well-known center of artistic crafts, a "sock capital" of Russia.

The products of TM Babushkiny Noski (famous Rasskazovo socks) are widely known both in Russia and abroad. We produce wool socks, knee-length socks, footsies, mittens, gloves and yarn.

Woolen products are knitted in the folk traditional style using modern equipment and the latest technology. The products are made of high-quality wool from New Zealand.

Visually, "Grandma's socks" are indistinguishable from hand-made socks. They are made of thick fluffy yarn using chunky knitting patterns, decorated with distinctive ornaments and have the same high-quality features.

However, our products have a very important advantage - they are much cheaper.

What kinds of cooperation do we offer?

Is your business connected with the sale of hosiery?

We can enter into an agreement on the wholesale supply of the TM Babuskiny Noski products.

The main advantages of this cooperation:

  • We have a wide range of products. You will certainly choose items that meet your requirements. If necessary, you can order products with your logo, designer’s pattern or ornament.
  • Cost of the TM Babuskiny Noski products is much lower than in Europe. Even with the shipping costs, you will get a substantial profit from the sale.
  • Our daily production capacity allows us to cope with large amounts. At the same time, we work with small wholesale as well. You can even order a small test batch (100 pairs).
  • The company has its own spinning and knitting facilities. We manufacture the products ourselves and have full control of their quality.
  • There is a system of discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

Do you produce products similar to ours?

TM Babuskiny Noski suggests a joint project.

Possible forms of cooperation:

1. Our company will produce socks under your brand name. Production facilities and expertise allows us to master and start the manufacture of a new product within the shortest possible period of time.

2. Mutual exchange and promotion of each partner’s products in each other’s territory. We have an extensive customer base. TM Babuskiny Noski enjoys great prestige in its own region and far beyond. You can significantly increase your sales.

Do you have your own ideas?

We are always ready to discuss them. We are looking for reliable foreign partners. We have the desire and capacity for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Where to start?

Discover our range of products in the catalog.

Please send us an email to ananskih-av@mail.ru.

Select which form of cooperation you are interested in and what kind of products you want to order and in what amounts.

We will respond as soon as possible, answer all your questions, send a price list, and describe in detail the system of discounts.

Our company is open to any cooperation. Please contact us!


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